How to find your downloaded iTunes music

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The iTunes music store still exists, and is sometimes the only way to buy digital downloads music outside of streaming services, for example Kenya Grace' single Meteor. I'm writing this down because I had to do maybe half an hour of frantic Web searching and experimentation to find out and I hope to spare someone else from that. I'm date-marking this because this is quite perishable information.

To find a file, do as follows:

  1. Open Apple Music
  2. Search in your library (click "Your Library") for whatever song you want Apple Music showing results for a search for 'Meteor'
  3. Open its album (singles are also "albums")
  4. Click on the ellipsis menue to the right
  5. Select "Show in Finder" A standard right-click menu showing options for a music file, with the pointer hovering over 'Reveal in Finder'