Software and equipment I use

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This is a list of software and hardware I use and generally recommend, typically with caveats. Note that my needs are probably not yours, and I have tried to be transparent with why I picked what I did and for which reason.

Overall, I prefer software and hardware with durability; things that last for a long time and does not require tinkering, maintenance work, or updates. I want low-friction interfaces. A user should not be waiting for a computer during normal operations.

I strongly prefer graphical computing that makes full use of a windowed environment, but use terminal-based applications if there are no good alternatives.

A quick acceptance test

I have a few steps that I use to surface bugs and misdesigns in a piece of software. They are as follows:


Audiobooks: BookPlayer. Its sleep timer Shortcuts action doesn't really work for me, and it doesn't expose playing specific books like the built-in does, but it's fine. Importing books is annoying though, because as far as I can tell you can only add files one by one, but it does allow you to group files into books. I have imported CD audiobooks and this is the only way that makes sense for me.

Music player: Doppler. Synchronising music from a laptop to the phone is a pain though. I also have two MiniDisc players that I use to play music.

Cloud synchronisation: pCloud. AFAICT, there are no acceptable cloud sync services out there, but I currently use Box, which isn't so bad.

Code editor: Zed.

Bookkeeping: hledger.

Web Search: Kagi.

Web Browser: Orion.